HOPE 101

The Office for Student Success is excited to offer HOPE 101 Workshops each semester to empower students with tools to promote their academic and holistic success. HOPE 101 LogoBy attending a HOPE 101 workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand the calculation of the HOPE Scholarship GPA
  • Define specific academic goals for their fall courses to ensure progress toward achieving or maintaining HOPE GPA
  • Articulate SMART goals to support academic success


Upcoming HOPE 101 Workshop:

Friday, September 13, 2019
10:00 AM-10:30 AM in CSC Conf. Room 3
Open to all Mercer students!
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Important Links:

HOPE 101 Resources:

  • Quick-Calc Worksheet - Plug in your current and anticipated course grades in order to help understand how your grades will impact your HOPE GPA. Keep in mind that this worksheet is a tool to understand how calculations work; this worksheet does not provide an official calculation. Visit gafutures.org and log in to your account to access your HOPE GPA.

Your Mercer GPA includes a weight of 0.5 for any B+ or C+ earned and also includes the replacement grade for course retakes. Mercer GPA does not add a special weight to STEM classes, but grades of a B, C, or D do qualify for a weight of .5 if they are STEM (as determined by the GA Student Finance Commission). Additionally, your Mercer GPA does not factor in grades earned for courses taken through other institutions.

Any college courses taken after high school graduation affect your HOPE GPA.

STEM courses with a grade of B, C, or D taken Fall 2017 and in the future. Full list can be found on the GA Futures website. The additional weight does not apply to classes taken prior to fall 2017. This weighting is only applicable to HOPE GPA, not Mercer GPA.

Your HOPE GPA information can be accessed through the My College HOPE Profile feature of gafutures.org. Information about how to access My College HOPE Profile is available here.