Real Talk: Student Edition

Real Talk is about being real—shining light on the challenges we face, and sharing our hard-won lessons with each other so that we can grow together, knowing none of us is alone. Real Talk: Student Edition is an annual event which students take the mic to share their stories.

We are no longer accepting applications for speakers for the Spring 2021
Real Talk: Student Edition.

Join us for the 2021 event:

Tuesday, April 27th at 7 PM
Cruz Plaza

Event Description:

Real Talk: Student Edition is an event that features multiple student speakers each giving a 5-minute talk. Talks feature personal stories relating to personal well-being, resiliency, and/or growth. The event culminates in a Q&A panel with all speakers.

Call for Applicants:

Your story may be the one somebody else needs to hear. If you want to share your story by giving a talk at Real Talk: Student Edition, please complete our brief application (linked below). Applications will be reviewed by the Student Edition leadership team and evaluated based on:

  • Relevance to event topic of navigating challenge or growth as a college student/young adult
  • Clarity of takeaway message
  • Effectiveness of conveying story succinctly

Interested students are highly encouraged to review Applicant Guide (below) before applying.

Some applicants will be invited to an interview, and the final speakers will be selected from the interviews. Selected speakers will be matched with a coach to help them craft their story and polish their delivery and public speaking skills.

Applicant Guide:

We are glad that you are considering applying to speak at Real Talk: Student Edition! To help you prepare your application and ensure your familiarity with the expectations of speakers, we encourage you to check out this Applicant Guide before applying.


If you have questions about the application process or the event, please contact the Student Chairs of Real Talk: Student Edition:  Robyn Guru, Shailey Shah, Jenna Sanders, and Sydney Roe.

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