Starfish for Students

Starfish is a web-based communication platform that connects you with the network of faculty and staff who directly support your success at Mercer. Through Starfish, you may schedule appointments with faculty and staff, receive timely feedback and messages from faculty, and proactively “raise your hand” to ask for help with any challenges.

The following resources are available to help you navigate Starfish:Starfish Logo

Starfish Guide for Students

Making an Appointment with Starfish

Starfish FAQs

Log in to your account through the MyMercer portal. On your MyMercer homepage click “Access Starfish” to be automatically brought to your Starfish dashboard. No separate log-in information is required!

Flags and kudos are feedback items that instructors can create through Starfish. These items are used to provide you with up-to-date information about your academic progress. If you receive a flag, you are encouraged to act on your instructor’s feedback.

Referrals and To-Do tasks are written recommendations from an instructor, advising that you should take action in order to be successful. In many cases, both you and the person to whom you are being referred (e.g., your advisor, a Career Counselor, etc.) will receive an email notification of a referral or to-do item, as a means of facilitating the connection between you and that resource.

You can set your Starfish profile to send notifications to your cell phone via text message, or to a personal email account. These notifications will let you know when a faculty member has sent you a message, as well as remind you of appointments. Please visit the Starfish Guide document linked above, and see the instructions in the “Set up your Profile” section of the document.

The Office for Student Success manages Starfish at Mercer. Please feel free to send questions to us at