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If you are a Georgia resident and receive the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, we’ve put together some helpful resources just for you!

HOPE resources

Frequently asked questions

How does my Mercer GPA differ from my HOPE GPA?

Your Mercer GPA includes a weight of 0.5 for any B+ or C+ earned and also includes the replacement grade for course retakes. Mercer GPA does not add a special weight to STEM classes, but grades of a B, C, or D do qualify for a weight of .5 if they are STEM (as determined by the GA Student Finance Commission). Additionally, your Mercer GPA does not factor in grades earned for courses taken through other institutions.

How do courses taken at other institutions factor into my HOPE GPA?

Any college courses taken after high school graduation affect your HOPE GPA.

What courses receive the additional 0.5 weighting?

STEM courses with a grade of B, C, or D taken Fall 2017 and in the future. Full list can be found on the GA Futures website. The additional weight does not apply to classes taken prior to fall 2017. This weighting is only applicable to HOPE GPA, not Mercer GPA.

How can I access my current HOPE GPA?

Your HOPE GPA information can be accessed through the My College HOPE Profile feature of gafutures.org.